Confirm the volume you need packaged and give us a call or e-mail to book in a time. We can work out a date that suits.

You can order the cans/packaging through us or provide your own as long as they are suitable for our machine.

If you order though us, simply flick us an e-mail and we will send through all of the information you need. We can work out the packaging you will require and take away any that is not used, only charging you for what is actually used on the day.


Your site will need to complete the following checklist before we can come for our canning appointment.

Ensure that you have a wet area and drainage with 7m2 of space.

We will need space to park our ute and trailer once we have unloaded.

Make sure your product is carbonated and ready to go prior to us arriving. We may have multiple canning runs booked in each day, making it a hassle for the next customer if it's a delayed start.

Be ready with your labels well in advance of us turning up. You should have your design proofed a few weeks before canning day.

Roster staff for packaging.


We arrive with the mobile canning machine.

We clean, set up and load the empty cans.

We run the machine and date code.

We run checks for quality.

You package the cans.

We clean the machine.

You hose off the area.

We pack up our machine.